Apparooz 4 Pack - Series 1.2



Product Details

The Series 1.1 Apparooz 4 Pack includes the following characters;

- Darnoc

- Catcher

- Polychromatic Joy

- Meezl

An Apparoo is a small collectible toy about the size of a quarter. It is also the key to a new world of Apparooz Fun! Collect them all!



Since Apparooz are small in size and mighty in entertainment value, you can put lots of them in your pockets so you will be ready for on-the-go-anytime-fun!



There will be lots of new Apparooz released frequently to keep the Apparooz brand Fresh and Fun. Find and Collect the Super Rare Apparooz and you can get FREE Accessories and Roozies!



Have you noticed the QR code on the back of every Apparoo? This completely unique code will unlock AR experiences and more entertainment. Download the App to learn about more.



Each Apparoo has a numeric value and color code for evolving multi-player game play. You can stack them, roll them like dice, play like dominoes or build a Rooz Fort! Create our own games and trade some of your Apparoo with friends.


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